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Measure Me In Metered Lines

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6th April 2005

10:57pm: Lj is o so lame now...... ive got much better things to do. so if u uhmm wanna uh know wats going down u could always just email me gavins@mind.net cause im a complete nerd and never get off the video games........ yeah ive become obssesesd. so uhmm im over this whole thing. lates

21st March 2005

9:24pm: today kinda sucked casue me jade and taylor went to the mall but it twas fun casue they make me hapoy. saw some old friends which was unfortunate. after i saw them i was really really uncomfortable. hmm. came home. did nothing as usula. i relized today that i still am ery much infatuated with jade.

18th March 2005

7:25pm: stayed at mathias' ;at night. spring break is gonna blow. cause my mom has lost all trust. and i have to go to my dads for like half of it. i was supposed to go to taylors today but my mom wouldnt let me stay past like 2 or somethin. so i couldve gone but it wouldve been for like 30 minutes then i wouldve had to leave. so i didnt go. mathias was really fun. i stayed with jeff. i drank 4 litters of mounain dew and stayed up really late. annd i loved it.i kept saying dieareahea and jeff would say "gavin im holing ice tea" and it was fun.
Current Mood: confused

14th March 2005

10:40pm: fucking shyness. i ahte it. me and jade chatted. it was gut wrenching. wat was is gone and wat mightve been will never be. i just wish i didnt feel so much regret.

maybe just MAYBE itll come bak. hopefully
Current Mood: sad
9:25pm: sitting writing. IM listening to metal. which is perculiar but watever. lala dont feel like updating. ALL DONE
Current Mood: METAL INDEED

13th March 2005

9:45pm: went to my dads it sucked. me sis was at some super trendy high school party. came bak from me dads. got online. thats it. nothing happened. nothing ever hapens.......................................ladeeda. well im gonna go.

ITS never to late to have a viatnam flashbak

9th March 2005

7:09pm: ooo i almost forgot............NEW LJ. so uhmm if u wanna know wat it is. u will have to ask. or something like that. ill still probly update this bad boy but my new one will be FRIENDS ONLY. mUAHHAHAHAHHAHA
6:55pm: nothing going on. chiled with ivy jeff jasper ryan and jai. twas fun. alot of fun. more fun than ive d in like 3 months.


2nd March 2005

10:51pm: STUART!!!!!!!!
today was fun. up until i got home.

me and stuart chilled with louie and layla. it was fun i think they got a little uncomfortable wen me and stuart started making gay jokes toe. me and stue went to zoeys house. REALLY FUn. we sat and chatted about EVERYTHINE. then i went home. and sat. and it just sucked. cause i dont know why. it wasnt how i wanted my beautiful day to end.
Current Mood: eh

1st March 2005

5:31pm: lala
bored. played pool today. depressed. listening to modest mouse. HECK YES. download bukowski. its goode. GOOODE. LYRIC TIME

Woke up this morning and it seemed to me,
that every night turns out to be
A little more like Bukowski.
And yeah, I know he's a pretty good read.
But God who'd wanna be?
God who'd wanna be such an asshole?
God who'd wanna be?
God who'd wanna be such an asshole?

Well we sat on the edge of the river,
the crowd screamed, "Sacrifice the liver!"
If God takes life, he's an Indian giver.
So tell me now why, you'll tell me never.
Who would wanna be?
Who would wanna be such a control freak?
Well who would wanna be?
Who would wanna be such a control freak?

Well see what you wanna see. You should see it all.
Well take what you want from me. You deserve it all.
Nine times out of ten our hearts just get dissolved.
Well I want a better place or just a better way to fall.

But one time out of ten, everything is perfect for us all.
Well I want a better place or just a better way to fall.
Here we go!

If God controls the land and disease,
keeps a watchful eye on me,
If he's really so damn mighty,
my problem is I can't see,
well who would wanna be?
Who would wanna be such a control freak?
Well who would wanna be?
Who would wanna be such a control freak?

Evil home stereo, what good songs do you know?
Evil me, oh yeah I know, what good curves can you throw?

Well all that icing and all that cake,
I can't make it to your wedding, but I'm sure I'll be at your
You were talk, talk, talk, talkin' in circles that day,
when you get to the point make sure that I'm still awake, OK?

Went to bed and didn't see
why every day turns out to be
a little bit more like Bukowski.
And yeah, I know he's a pretty good read.
But God who'd wanna be?
God who'd wanna be such an asshole?

Current Mood: depressed

23rd February 2005

9:30pm: today was crappy. we had those lame drills and the entire time i was thinking how much of an adreniline rush it would be to run through the school with a gun. watching everyone leaned up against the wall frightend that u might forget the time the punched u in the nose *cough* heather *cough* or took ur milk. yeah talk about a chase.so i was really depressed. then max bought me pizza and it cheered me up. then we went skating and i watche dlouie and colin flirt for a while. then i rode le bus home. wen i got home i sat and tried to figure out how to put friggin html into m miranda profile but miranda sucks ass and i couldnt figure it out. then lisa started blabbin to me aboot colin. which bothers me. cause she like thinks of me as her gay friend which is really annoying. she like "i went over to his house and blah blah blah blah" and she rants. its not her ranting that bothers me. its just evryone seems to think that i want to listen to chick talk. THE LAST TIME I CHECKED I HAD A PENIS! shouldnt she talk to her girl friends? i spose im a goode listener but im just over listening to peoples problems. no one listens to mine.

EXCEPT U LJ I LOVE U YES I DO *strokes computer screen*

I guess im sick of not being the guy everyone talks about.
Current Mood: lonely

22nd February 2005

9:43pm: lolly pop
so uhmm today pretty much was the worst day of my life. i saw jade which was unfortunate cause i kinda bitched her out last night. and it was a long ass day at school.then after school we did pretty much nothin. which sucked. and then i waited for the bus for an hour. got on. saw jade. we talked. shes so different now. but i dont want to get into it.

got home got bitched at.ate taos. talked to people online. found some stuff out that i couldve done weithout.
im in a pretty foul mood now.i think its almost time for a new journal

17th February 2005

10:08pm: gah.... nothin going on at all just got off the fone with lisa. we talked for so long. me neck hurts alot. i enjoy her company. even wen its on le telephone.

she wants me to go to her party on friday. shes inviting a lot of people and i want to go. but i dont think its gonna work.... the only way i would be able to go is if i could stay at colins which wont happen. trent wants me to stay at his house on friday too. if things fall through with lisa then i spose ill stay at his house.

CHADWICK is playin saturday. i want to go. I could go if i stay at trents. i love the disaster chadwick foundation, not just cause its trents borthers band just cause there genuinly good. wish i could spell.

i love rasberry muffin cake. that was prolly one of the coolest videos ive ever seen. the bravery. there not that goode but that video was frigggin sweet. GAH unwritten law sucks bawls. I wonder when this madness will end.....

thought i was getting a new comp today but not yet. tommorow. its not going ot be brand new. its this old ladies computer that she had in her shed or something like that. its pretty sweet. 60 gig hard drive, 512 ddr ram, 2.2 ghz proccessor, 64 megabyte video cardand, a CD burner.yep pretty sweet. pretty much the coolest thing in the world. CANT WAIT.

gots lot of homework that i wont be doing. i was gonna do it. but lisa distracted me. its just algebra and some lame ass literature wheel. i spose ill do it in tommorows homeroom, or something.

NEW shoes biotch. Emericas. there pretty sweet. really comfortable. getting a new board friday or this weekend or something. mom owes me money. gonna get a sweet ass skate from jacks.

didnt go to school today but i really wanted to. i felt sick and i was spewing everywhere (not everywhere(as a matter of fact thats a lie i didnt puke at all but if mom reads this yes, yes i did) and i wanted to go to school. wierd huh?

probably wont see jade in a long time cause of the whole night school thing. which is goode and bad. bad cause shes like my best friend but goode cause i dont like how i am around her. i find myself dislikeing everything i do. like hanging out with my friends ("skaters"). i like all of them alot. like there really fun and shizzle drizzle, but when im with jade they seem so lame. like all they do is skate and have nothing else going on in there lives. i need to hang out with them more and (dare i say) chill with less with jade.

going to hang out with Eliah tommorow..... hopefully. her and Ivy are really fun. We were all supposed to hang out at lisa friday but its not happening. Everyone was prolly just gonna have a fat orgy with colin and i would be left with the camera or like i would end up in the corner sucking my thumb.

i really love saturday night live. it makes me all tingly. not gooey. just tingly. the mars volta makes me tingly too. but The Killers, The Killers make me gooey. i like gooey. gooey is fun. I LOVE WILL FERREL. AWESOME and sexy. its even hotter wen Norm Mcdonald eats his vomit.

i have a fever, and the only perscription, is more COWBELL.

Cant find my damn chapstick.....

i wish i had wings. u wanna know why??? so i could poop on birds heads. thats all i would do.

Current Mood: gooey

16th February 2005

7:35pm: feeeling sick gonna throw up..... uhmm went to gisseps with eliah and ivy it was....fun??? uhmm lotsa homework to do
Current Mood: sick

14th February 2005

7:09pm: i have a fever and the only perscription is MORE COWBELL
got bak from me dads
tommorow there is no school and im somewat happy.. but i want to hang out with jade but she never picks up the fone


11th February 2005

6:31pm: Bloody Sideburns
today was the most fun i have had in a really really long time. me jeff and eliah went to lincoln and played on the slides. but thats not all. then we went to her house and sat on her loor and watched not another teen movie. i laughed so hard like i fell over on a can of colored pencils. my ear was bleeding so bad. its ok now. eliah is really fun. lal kinda bored now
7:26am: about to go to schoolbut im so bored waiting for winter so yeah. lalala. wow like 5 people commented on my thing. thatsamzing. woot. i deleted most of them though HAHHAHAHAHAH. losers.lala goode mood kinda had the bes dream last night. it was like how i want life kinda yeah. it was awesome. and there was these pink aliens with huge round ears in my basement. and my mom was like all nice and gave me candy. and me and jade lived a block away from each other. not even a block she was on one side of dairy queen and i was o the other. and we ate DQ aloot.

i woke up at 2 and thought aboot it for a while then went bak to sleep and continued with it. it was SWEET. goode mood. today WILL BE A GOODE DAY
Current Mood: lala

10th February 2005

9:21pm: i want a hug....:'-(
Current Mood: bitter
uhmm today was dumb. yesterday was lame. this week has sucked. oo one emailsor calls. which is evenl lamer. ive talked to lisa aloot though. shes an interesting character.

la la so bored. so very bored indeed. gah. we went skating atthe white city park today. ti sucked. going to bible study tommorow. gonna see trent. that should be boring.we listened to colin and jays mom rant about how veggies make u live longer and all i had to say was that i didnt want to live til i was 90. just to fifty and they pretty much slammed on the brakes and was like "thats very irresponsible of you. youl have a family that will need u."

i wonder if ill die alone
Current Mood: numb

8th February 2005

6:50pm: o and im sick of people NOT COMMENTING DAMNIT COMMENT BITCH
6:45pm: graphallickerfader
today was spent thinking aboot myself. i found myself not being myself. i think tommorow il be a lot quiter. like ME. not all loud and obnoxiouse like....im watching my bro kill a dog on a video game it makes me sad.i had one of those flash bak moments while reading jades lj the first night i stayed at taylors. it was like a cologue??? i cant spell. im dumb. I LOVE THE KILLERS
Current Mood: unusually happy

7th February 2005

8:25pm: today sucked american dad is on.... its not qite as great as the family guy.............. bored as all hell and dumb people keep iming me. won my bet or the super bowl..... i gets candy. woo hoo.......BORED
7:45pm: updating last update
WITHDRAWN thats he word...... i suppose timid would work too
9:59am: im so confused about everything. and im mad that i spent friday at taylors instead of at trents. im not sure why but it made me feel gross lyeing to my mom. i mean she has been so ackwardly nice to me lately. and im not quite sure whether or not im a bibalist or a thiest (not athiest) confusion garg. and im confused aboot jade too. as always. i wish i wasnt so shy???? but im not really shy just.... hmm cant think of the word. i woke up missing her which is wierd cause yesterday i was pissed out of me ol' brain.gah. off to do something tt makes me feel goode

will this madness end?????
Current Mood: confused beyond all belief

6th February 2005

6:25pm: not so great
gah last night totally sucked we smoked and it get me thinking abooot things and i relized some things that i didnt quite want to relize. and i pretty much spent the entire time watch some dousche bag all over jade and and she just went along with it. and i know were not dating but i mean wen u know someone likes u u can at least have the curtosy (sp) to not do it in front of them.im just sick of her. GAH. didnt she think that that might even just a little bother me??? im over trying to be anything with her. i just dont want to see her for a while
Current Mood: (********) this much depressed
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